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Why More Marketers Are Working With Companies That Actually Make Stuff.
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We are not a traditional search consultant.

We don’t think process is a product.

We don’t have a cookie cutter methodology that you have to fit in with.

We don’t believe the world needs another agency team video.

We don’t believe that if it’s Tuesday it’s time for another tissue session.

We believe it’s Your search. Your team. Your timetable. Your budget. So we build from scratch. Together.

And we don’t disappear once a contract is signed.

We believe the product has to be the work and the relationship the search creates. And of course the business result it delivers.

We believe creativity is the differentiator, is the business driver.

Helping marketers make better, smarter and faster decisions.


“While kicking off a search for an agency we ran into the typical search consultants and felt we were getting lost in their “process.”

Madam came at it differently. Not just for the sake of being different, but because sometimes different really is better…”

John O’Reilly
SVP, Marketing at Options House


“Early in the agency search process, we realized that we wanted a less traditional approach, one that would help us bring on the right mix of additional creative partners based on our specific requirements in a better, smarter, faster way…”

Shari Neumann
Sr. Marketing Director Brand Center
Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products


Madam is offering four services:

search_iconMadam’s Search

report_iconBuilding a great in-house agency

littleredbook_iconThe Procurement Partnership

search_iconThe secret creative director